the writings of a pair of married meeples

Married Meeples

Married Meeples

the writings of a pair of married meeples

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TopCashback Autumn Treats 2018 – Clues and Answers

TopCashback treats giveaway is back for an Autumn stint! I didn’t win anything in the student treat edition mainly because I only found out about it on the last day. Oops! the student days. I’m surprisingly on the ball this time (baby brain notwithstanding) so […]

Reading the Bible: Taking a slightly different approach

Honestly, I want to read the Bible, learn it, study it and memorise it from cover to cover. It is hard to find time where I am not looking after children, doing chores or too exhausted to keep my eyes open. I never seem to […]

Messy Me Mat Review

Until recently, I have been leaving the “messy” playtime to nursery and play dates outside our home. Why? Well, I have this fear of the toddler running riot and covering everything in paint while I cry in a corner*. OK, a bit dramatic but you […]

TopCashback Student Treats 2018 – Clues and Answers

Update: This TopCashback giveaway is over but you can find the current one at the top of this list. If not, then please drop me a message. Oh the student days. The learning (yes I did actually love being taught), lie-ins, junk food and the […]

Why we are more low-waste than zero-waste

Why we are more low-waste than zero-waste

I am all for saving the planet and it is very important to waste less and send less to landfill. However, I very much doubt that our family’s waste will fit in one jar anytime soon – well, unless it’s a bin-sized jar! So what […]

Hacks for putting away the laundry – the stage I dread most!

Laundry Situation (setting the scene) Day 1 – Laundry nicely drying outside but it’s getting dark. Toddler has just been wrestled into bed by daddy. Baby finally gives in to sleep after a long fussy hour. Clothes are finally brought in but can’t be put […]

Bambooty – our perfect cloth nappies for nursery

We had decided to use cloth nappies from the onset with our first baby. After 9 months, you could say we’d nailed it. But only at home and with family doing the changes. Being the first to use cloth nappies at the nursery, I wanted […]

The fourth trimester struggle is real – especially with added chicken pox!

It seems so long ago since the third trimester update. You probably don’t want the full birth story (well maybe in a separate post) so in short we walked in, Baby got pulled out then we left the next day. Suddenly the newborn memories we […]

Breast is best, fed is best, informed is best, let’s call the whole thing off!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week so naturally social media is full of controversial feeding-related posts around “Breast is best”, “Fed is best” and “Informed is best”. Is a feeding slogan needed? Probably not! Is it helpful? I very much doubt it! Does it raise awareness? Unlikely! Well, […]

Eco by Naty Nappies – Baby and Toddler Review

We started off using cloth nappies full time but lack of sleep and a baby who required multiple changes led us to disposables at night. During my rather over-the-top cloth nappy research, I came across Eco by Naty nappies but was unsure about its eco-credentials […]